Gin Made From Leftover Bread

A Few Good Ideas in One Cocktail

Quaglinos_165_4425While the billing as the "World's Most Sustainable Cocktail" is a bit much, there are a few ideas in this pitch worth stealing. 

This drink was created by Bar Manager Marco Sangion and his team at Quaglino's Bar, in Mayfair's St James.

The below is pasted from a press release about the drink:

The serve is a product of the team's collective dedication to sustainable bar work, a passion project that has been bubbling away behind the scenes since the launch of the 'A Science of Sustainability' cocktail list in September. The base of the cocktail is an organic vodka infused with the peel of purple carrots used as a side dish in the restaurant, which adds a distinct earthiness to the distill.

This is mixed with homemade Jasmine milk, made by overcooking a small handful of Jasmine rice, which is then blended to make a creamy solution similar to milk. 

A fruity twang comes from the off-cut mandarin cordial made using the skins of mandarins that are freshly squeezed everyday for another serve already on the menu.

Bunches and bunches of mint are used daily in every bar and usually it is only the leaves that are used, with the stems often being discarded. Marco and his team regularly make mint stick oil by blending the stems with organic olive oil, which adds freshness and a gorgeous smell to the cocktail.

Finally - and most impressively - the vessel for this drink is homemade pasta. This is cooked and shaped onsite and used as a glass for the low-cost and low-wastage cocktail. Guests are encouraged to eat it once they've finished the drink or - if they're feeling particularly ravenous or risky - take a bite as you sip. 

The cocktail is available* at Quaglino's Bar and will also be served at the Story of Sustainability Supper Club on 6th March.