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Using Leftover Citrus to Make Flavored Syrups and Caramelized Citrus Wheels

Book: All Day Cocktails

All Day Cocktails: Low (And No) Alcohol Magic by Shaun Byrne and Nick Tesar 

The publisher's description is:

41kKNbMV4KL._SX375_BO1 204 203 200_Enjoy cocktails at any time of day with this collection of fresh, creative low- and no-alcohol recipes.

Celebrating seasonal ingredients, and with a focus on sustainability, All Day Cocktails showcases nearly fifty varieties of citrus, berries, tropical fruits, stone fruits, pome fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts. Each variety features a versatile prep recipe that can extend into your cocktails and beyond, meaning All Day Cocktails is much more than your average cocktail book.

All Day Cocktails brings you ninety cocktail recipes + fifty prep recipes, including: bitters, caramels, cordials, coulis, granitas, honeys, jams, jellies, juices, kefirs, liqueurs, sherbets, shrubs, syrups, tisanes and vinegars.


Though this book bills itself as low- and no-ABV cocktails, it also has a very strong focus on seasonal ingredients, preservation techniques, and sustainability. 

The drinks in the book are organized by seasonal produce, then each fresh ingredient given a preparation recipe (making it into a puree, a syrup, a flavored salt, shrub, sherbet, etc), and then recipes for cocktails that use that prepared ingredient. Often the preparation of the produce gives more than one use.

For example there's a recipe for rhubarb wine with sour rhubarb puree, cucumber shrub with pickled cucumbers, and more. 

The various preparation techniques in the book include: 

  • sherbet
  • shrub
  • vinegar
  • 'cello as in limoncello
  • cordial as in lime cordial
  • granita
  • bitters
  • kefir 
  • coulis
  • syrup
  • jelly and jam
  • aromatized juice
  • ferment (tepache, wine)
  • liqueur
  • vermouth
  • fruit-in-syrup 
  • tisane
  • puree
  • pickles
  • flavored oil
  • flavored honey
  • flavored salt
  • nut milk

While the book lists specific recipes with each ingredient, it can be a model to inspire us to make our own experiments and cocktails with preserves. 


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