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Acid-Adjusted Grape 'Citrus' Juice and Milk-Washed Shrub to Replace Citrus in Cocktails

BlackPatrick Braga of Paper Plane in San Jose wrote in with some recipes that use alternative acids in place of citrus in cocktails. 

He writes, "In the past I've played with citrus stock, and I'm not the greatest fan of the end products. I've also used spent citrus to make acid rectified hydrosols, and it turned out great, but without a large still would be nearly impossible to execute at volume for the bar."

"So far on Paper Plane's menus I've created two drinks that are refreshing without the use of citrus, The Grape Pretender and the Here Comes The Sun. The Grape Pretender uses a "Grape Citrus" made from Concord grape juice and tartaric acid, and the Here Comes the Sun uses a clarified Milk Shrub. Recipes for both cocktails and alternative acids below."


The Grape Pretender
TheGrapePretenderFrom Patrick Braga of Paper Plane in San Jose

1.5 oz Singani 63
1 oz Grape "Citrus"
.5 oz Simple Syrup
Top w/ Prosecco
Garnish with a skewered grape


Grape Citrus
Combine one 64 fl. Oz Kedem Grape Juice Container w/ 35 grams of Tartaric Acid
(*completed pH level is between 2.25-2.30)
Shake or Blend thoroughly and Refrigerate


Here Comes The Sun
HereComesTheSunFrom Patrick Braga of Paper Plane in San Jose

1 oz Citadelle Gin

1 oz Oloroso Sherry

1 oz Passion Fruit Syrup

1 oz Milk Shrub



No Garnish


Milk Shrub

"I have played with vinegar in drinks and I love clarified milk punches, so that’s how this came to be. I played with different ratios of vinegar and sugar, but haven’t tried it without the hibiscus. I really like the color it brings to the final product, but I’m sure it would work without it." 

6 oz Champagne Vinegar

3 oz Water

3 oz Sugar (by volume)

1 oz Dried Hibiscus by volume (approx 6 grams by weight)

Bring above ingredients to boil, remove from heat, allow to steep for 5 minutes

Strain INTO 6 oz WHOLE milk. The whole milk fat is needed for better curds and always pour into the milk, not the other way around

Let sit for 1 hour, then strain through a coffee filter or fine mesh cheesecloth

Allow to cool and bottle.