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Batching Egg Whites: Process and Quantity

EggsMany bars batch together egg whites, either for convenience (saves time versus cracking open an egg each drink at service time), or to conserve resources. With egg whites batched together, bartenders can pour just the portion that they need for a drink rather than using a whole egg white each time. We asked some bartenders how they batch egg whites at their bars and how much egg white they use per drink. 


Justin Lavenue, Owner / Operator of The Roosevelt Room & The Eleanor  in Austin, Texas, shared his batch formula for egg whites. He says, "For our bottled Egg Whites, we stabilize the batch with a touch of Vodka and Sugar, then we add .75 oz of this batch per Egg White cocktail."

From Justin Lavenue of The Roosevelt Room & The Eleanor

Yield: Approximately 3 Liters (102 oz)


108 Eggs (3 flats of Eggs)

3 oz Vodka

3 oz Sugar


  1. Crack 108 eggs (on the a sharp edge to get a clean crack) and separate the yolks from the egg whites.
  2. Place the egg whites in a Small Cambro, then add 3 oz Vodka and 3 oz Sugar.
  3. Pulse for 10 seconds with an Immersion Hand Blender, until it runs smoothly.
  4. Pour into approximately Nine 375ml bottles, and cap tightly.
  5. LABEL AS “EGG WHITE” & DATE CLEARLY with both the DATE IT WAS PRODUCED AND the TOSS BY DATE, which is 4 days later.