Recipes that Use Verjus to Replace Citrus
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Cocktail Recipes that use Vinegar Instead of Citrus

To reduce citrus waste at the bar, some bartenders are making cocktails using alternative acids including vinegar. 

Below are recipes. Note that many may need to be adjusted to the needs or your own bar rather than used directly. 



Created by Justin Lavenue & Matt Ross
Lavenue is the Owner / Operator of  The Roosevelt Room & The Eleanor (Austin, TX)

Static1.squarespaceToki translates to “Time” in Japanese.
Note this recipe used both red wine vinegar and acid phosphate for acidity. 

1.5 oz Toasted Coconut infused-Suntory Toki Japanese Blended Whisky

Scant .5 oz Bai Mudan White Tea syrup

Scant .5 oz Becherovka

.25 oz Suze

¼ Teaspoon Rice Wine Vinegar

2 dashes Grapefruit bitters

1 dash Acid Phosphate

2 squints Salt Tincture (1:10)

Build in a Mixing glass and Stir for 15 seconds. Strain into a Glencairn glass. Garnish with Grapefruit Oils over the top of the glass (then discard the peel). In a Sake Masu Box, cover the bottom with Coconut flakes, then flame the Flakes (on the Torch’s lowest setting) and place the Glencairn into the Masu.