Lacto-Fermentation Tips from Jennifer Colliau
Cranberry Shrub and Using the Leftovers to Make Cranberry Jam

Ginger Pulp Tisane and Leftover Wine and Brine to Make Mustard

The following info comes from Chris 'Zeke' Hand. 

Mustard Using Leftover Brine, Vinegar, Wine, and Vermouth

For brine and the dregs of wine and vermouth, I make mustard. Really, really good mustard. In short sauerkraut brine, pickle brine, all
sorts of different vinegars, wines, vermouths and different verjus so as to make it "complex." I really need to work on my mortar and pestle
skills so it isn't always "grainy" or get myself a better spice grinder.

For vinegar, I just leave the bottle of wine losely open for about six months and then start adding it to vinaigrettes and other things that require vinegar.

I regularly make sauerkraut and then add the leftover liquid to my "mustard juice."

For the mustard, I started with the one Brad Leone did on the Bon Appetit YouTube Channel

Or the written version, if you don't want to spend nine minutes listening to his New Jersey accent

But now I improvise using a rough three to two ratio of liquid to mustard seeds, using whatever sour liquids/excess wine I have at hand.


Ginger Pulp to Ginger Tisane

I have a Champion juicer that I regularly use to make ginger beer (juice the ginger, add to a syrup, dump in a 2 litre plastic bottle with some yeast, wait and then refrigerate before it explodes is the short version of the recipe).

I then take the pulp and depending on my mood either immediately dump it into some water and let it sit for a couple of days before boiling it and drinking it as a tea/tissane. Or I dehydrate it, and then rehydrate it when I feel like a ginger tisane.