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Recipes that Use Verjus to Replace Citrus

Verjus is the juice of unripened grapes. It is often used in salad dressings but bartenders are also using it in place of citrus juice in cocktails as it has a good level of acidity. 

The below recipes use verjus as a citrus replacement. 



Rosenbloom #3

* Based on a Julep, which derives its name from the Persian word Golâb, meaning “Rose Water.”

From Justin Lavenue, Owner / Operator of  The Roosevelt Room & The Eleanor (Austin, TX)


10-12 Mint leaves

.5 oz Verjus blanc

1.25 oz Zubrowka Vodka

.25 Ketel Vodka

.5 oz Clarified Strawberry juice

.25 oz Clarified Tomato juice

Scant .5 oz Vanilla-Rooibos-Honey syrup

Muddle Mint and Verjus in a Stemmed Julep glass, Add the other ingredients and stir briefly without ice, Fill with Crushed Ice, then “Push-Stir” to incorporate ingredients (while pushing all of the Mint leaves to the bottom of the tin), Insert a 7.5” Metal Straw, Top with “High & Dry” Crushed Ice, Garnish with:

2 Mint Sprigs (placed next to the straw)

Powdered Sugar

[Photo credit: Dennis Gobis]