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88036638_10216471316676491_3385856387408986112_oTrevor Easter of The Snug in Sacramento shared information about a top-selling drink called That's the Fuckin’ Drink. For it, he makes a cordial out of limited-season blood oranges, a sunflower seed infusion, a vegan foamer, and preserved edible citrus as a garnish. It's a good example of extending seasonality and looking local for ingredients.  

He originally shared the post to Facebook and gave us permission to post it here. The below text is from Trevor Easter.

Photos are by Anna Wick for The Snug


That's the Fuckin’ Drink
By Trevor Easter

California has had really poor citrus seasons lately but finally 2020 is looking promising. Blood Oranges from our region are absolutely delicious right now. The juice is slightly sweet with a nice berry like finish. To limit waste I decided to do a Blood Orange cordial that would be shelf stable-ish. The only issue was cooking the blood orange juice in the immersion circulator was killing some brightness. Meyer Lemons also just showed up on the scene, and as you all know have an incredible aromatic quality in their zest.

I recently read that sunflowers are drought resistant and that 95% of our countries sunflower seeds come from the wonderful Sacramento region. Cheap, tons of flavor, and local there's really nothing to complain about.

Whats the foam? It’s not egg white, it’s actually a vegan alternative that is quickly dashed in and mimics the aesthetic and a little of the texture egg whites give you without the mess. The red from the blood orange was so pretty but it needed a nice white hat for some contrast. Try out Fee Foam if you’re interested.

Since we believe good cocktails should come with snacks we decided to make the dehydrated fruit not just a fancy decoration.

Thats the Fuckin’ Drink
Joven Tequila
Roasted Sunflower
Blood Orange Meyer Lemon Cordial
Amaro Casoni Giuseppe


Blood Orange Meyer Lemon Cordial

250g Blood Orange Juice
250g Water
100g Reyka Vodka
500g White Sugar
2g Citric acid
.5g Kosher Salt
15g Meyer Lemon Zest

Combine all ingredients and cook in the circulator at 145 degrees for 2 hours, cool before opening the bag and strain.

Sunflower Tequila

90g Roasted Sun Flowers
1L Libelula Tequila


Edible Dehydrated Blood Oranges with Angostura

We take blood orange slices and spray them with Angostura bitters, cover them with Sugar, and then cook them really harshly in the dehydrator to make them crispy. They are the edible version of the drink.


Photos are by Anna Wick for The Snug