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Coffee Liqueur Recipe from Used Coffee Grounds from Breanne Rupp

Methyl Cellulose Foamer and Oleo-Based Lime Cordial from Andreas Sanidiotis

65858375_2092561730866240_2595084386307145728_nAndreas Sanidiotis, Head Bartender at Lost + Found Drinkery in Nicosia, Cyprus wrote in with a couple tips. 

Methyl Cellulose as a Foamer Instead of Eggwhites/Aquafaba

For egg alternatives I used to use aquafaba and albumin but was not very pleased with either of those.

Albumin gives off a weird egg smell after a while which can be very off-putting in cocktails.

The same goes with aquafaba, it gives off a smell that does not necessarily compliment cocktails the way fresh egg white will do.

On that note after some research and experimentation I stumbled upon Metilgel from SOSA, which contains methyl cellulose (FDA approved according to dosage).

It’s a gelling and foaming agent, which jellifies in hot temperatures and stays liquid in cold, so it is ideal in cocktails.

Also it adds no taste and no smell so it will affect your recipe only in terms of texture.

Always use recommended dosage. And there are 2 ways it can be used:

  • Either 15gr per Liter in Sugar syrup, where you mix it with the syrup and let it rest in the Fridge. (Ideally in 4 degrees Celsius)
  • Also you can use it through a sugar duster and add 2 dashes in your cocktail directly.


Lime Cordial

I use a hybrid recipe with an oleo-saccharum.

I would peel the limes (preferably grate them to be honest) mix them with sugar (10% lime gratings to the amount of sugar used) and vacuum seal them overnight.

I would then add the juice left from last night’s shift to extend shelf life (1:1 ratio).