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Bar and Booze Sustainability News, July 2020

A few recent stories relevant to sustainability for bars and bartenders. 


Bar Trigona’s New Cocktail Menu Featuring Tropical Fruits Is Its Strongest Yet

"After such a long hiatus, our menu marks a time for renewal. We’ve not kept a single drink from our previous menu," announces head bartender Ashish Sharma. "What I did was to pen down 11 different fruits that you get year-round in Malaysia. Bartenders Emirul, Joe, Marcus and Shawn then invented three cocktails using one fruit each. The point is to showcase the varying stages of a fruit's life cycle.

One might encounter fresh juices or purées in a 'first stage' cocktail, syrups or infusions in the second, and fermentations, distillations or powders in the third. Our new methods mean we throw away as little as possible."


Paper wine bottle launched: What is it like?

Frugal bottle is made from 94% recycled paperboard, with a plastic food-grade liner to contain the wine or spirits within, similar in concept to a bag-in-box.

While there is some plastic involved, the company said that its Frugal bottle uses ‘up to 77% less’ than a plastic bottle and that the plastic lining is recyclable.

There is ’15g compared to a 64g bottle made from 100% recycled plastic’, it said.

In terms of recycling, either the whole bottle can be placed in your bin, or you can separate to two parts.


Gimlet Media to Launch Climate Change Podcast

How to Save a Planet is the latest project from the Spotify-owned studio's co-founder and managing director, Alex Blumberg. Co-host Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a marine biologist and policy expert who founded Urban Ocean Lab, will join him to tackle the question of how to solve the climate crisis.

"Alex and I are a fun odd couple — he brings the finance and tech perspectives (and the knowledge of how to actually make an extremely good podcast), and I bring the science, and policy and justice elements," Johnson said in a statement.


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A no-plastic bottle mailer: Flexi-Hex