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Cherries Used in One Drink Three Ways at Crossroads in Camden

I first learned about Crossroads Bar in Camden [website][facebook][instagram], London from this story in Bar Magazine. The bar is doing lots with sustainability initiatives. 

I have emailed for more information but in the meantime I wanted to share an approach they're using toward sustainability. There are several pathways toward creating sustainable cocktails:

  • Analyze the waste stream of the bar and see what might be repurposed
  • Analyze a single cocktail and see what can be reduced in its waste. For example, take the top-selling cocktail on the menu and see if you can reduce its fresh citrus, use a base spirit that comes in a bulk or lighter bottle, make your own cordial for it, etc. 
  • Start with reduced-impact ingredients/techniques such as oleo saccharum or milk punch and see how you can build up a menu from the techniques.
  • Or this approach, which is to take a seasonal ingredient - cherries, here - and try to get the most out of it by using it in different ways. 

The below is a post from Crossroads' social media, that I stole. 

118791063_168969294867142_4924990263715099293_oThe zero waste philosophy is one of our main principles. You can see how we try to reduce waste and use the ingredients to the fullest in this example, our Remember the Name cocktail. And to celebrate the wonderful people that promote the idea of Zero Waste by organising the week, we’ll donate £1.00 from every Remember the Name we serve this week! You can also donate yourself - find the link in our bio!⁣⁣

Remember the Name⁣⁣
• cherry infused Chivas Regal 12yo⁣⁣
• steam extracted cherry cordial⁣⁣
• cherry soda⁣⁣
• @mancino_vermouth Chinato⁣⁣
• absinthe⁣⁣
Garnished with a boozy cherry. ⁣⁣
We picked cherries when they were in season from one of the local pick your own farms. Then we juiced them using steam extraction (which increased the yield of the juice by 900% compared to regular juicing! 😮😮😮). We took the left over fruit and some of the fresh ones and infused it into @chivasregaluk 12yo for 10 days. Once the cherry scotch was ready, we cover the cherries from the infusion with water for 7 days. After this, we take this infused water, add sugar and malic and tartaric acids and carbonate the lot, producing cherry soda. The left over cherries are covered with simple syrup and used as a garnish. ⁣⁣

So what we have here is: 

  1. Promoting their sustainability ethos
  2. Backing it up with a donation per drink (which also helps serve as a good excuse to talk up the drink) which further serves to promote the bar's values
  3. Using cherries three times each:
    1. An infusion in spirit, then
    2. An infusion in water to make cherry soda, then
    3. Using the cherries as a garnish