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Carbon and Now Plastic Offsets: Something is Better than Nothing

I recently saw a distillery that sent a press release announcing they were going "plastic neutral" by using the rePurpose program.  It works a lot like carbon offsets: You use their tool to calculate your plastic use (for all the plastic that can't be recycled or eliminated), and then purchase "plastic offsets" to fund waste recycling organizations. 

PlasticCarbon offset programs are available for the carbon created by one's business, home, airline flights, events, etc. This seems exactly the same. On the plus side, as long as the offset organizations are funneling the money to actual pro-environmental causes with low overhead fees in between, the money is going to a good place. Note, that's a big "if" though. 

On the minus side, purchasing offsets is kind of kicking the problem downstream rather than doing something about it yourself. The ideal solution would be to eliminate the carbon debt you're creating by eliminating plastic or not flying or not heating your house.

But human life (and commerce) requires the use of resources. In our modern world it has becoming impractical or impossible to do so without having an impact of some sort on the planet and to use non-reusable/recyclable resources. So, while not an ideal solution to waste, purchasing carbon or plastic credits is something positive and that's a lot better than doing nothing at all. 

Learn more or sign up for the rePurpose Global program here