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Sidewalk Chalk From Eggshells

I attempted to make sidewalk chalk from eggshells, following the advice linked to from the Eggs and Sustainability page here on CocktailGreen. The basic procedure is: Collect eggshells, boil them to clean them. Mix with flour, water, and food coloring. Put into a tube and allow to dry. I did the above, and spoiler: it turned out bad. In the first place, I buy mostly brown eggs (to encourage biodiversity) and thus the eggshells started with a beige base rather than white. The second and far worse thing was: they smelled awful! They took a long time to dry (I... Read more →

Carbon and Now Plastic Offsets: Something is Better than Nothing

I recently saw a distillery that sent a press release announcing they were going "plastic neutral" by using the rePurpose program. It works a lot like carbon offsets: You use their tool to calculate your plastic use (for all the plastic that can't be recycled or eliminated), and then purchase "plastic offsets" to fund waste recycling organizations. Carbon offset programs are available for the carbon created by one's business, home, airline flights, events, etc. This seems exactly the same. On the plus side, as long as the offset organizations are funneling the money to actual pro-environmental causes with low overhead... Read more →