Sustainability in Booze News, August 2021

Recycled Plastic Bartop and Furniture at Copa Barrafina

I received email from Rafael Agapito at Copa Barrafina, the "little sister" bar Copa Lisboa. He wrote to tell me about some groovy recycled plastic bartop and table tops. 



He says: 

We collected plastic package over 3 months, and over 80kg of plastic was recycled into our counter and table tops. 

We have a permanent collection point in Copa, where anyone can bring their plastic to be recycled. Our plan is to use this material in a lot of other applications in the near future, including a hand wash sink that attaches to the toilet basin as a lid and allows people to use the pre flush water to wash their hands.

The processing of the plastic is a little bit expensive and slow at the moment, but we are confident it will become very cheap once more people start using it.

The recycled plastic counter was delivered to us as 1x1m panels, and myself and my partner Louise cut it to size and assembled it on top of a lightweight metal structure that we built using aluminum shelf poles. We build all our bars and counter structures from this metal frames.

The company that made the panels is called OpoLab, they’re based in Porto and they do a lot of stuff related to the Precious Plastic movement.

They look great!