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Sidewalk Chalk From Eggshells

I attempted to make sidewalk chalk from eggshells, following the advice linked to from the Eggs and Sustainability page here on CocktailGreen. The basic procedure is: Collect eggshells, boil them to clean them. Mix with flour, water, and food coloring. Put into a tube and allow to dry. I did the above, and spoiler: it turned out bad. In the first place, I buy mostly brown eggs (to encourage biodiversity) and thus the eggshells started with a beige base rather than white. The second and far worse thing was: they smelled awful! They took a long time to dry (I... Read more →

Methyl Cellulose Foamer and Oleo-Based Lime Cordial from Andreas Sanidiotis

Andreas Sanidiotis, Head Bartender at Lost + Found Drinkery in Nicosia, Cyprus wrote in with a couple tips. Methyl Cellulose as a Foamer Instead of Eggwhites/Aquafaba For egg alternatives I used to use aquafaba and albumin but was not very pleased with either of those. Albumin gives off a weird egg smell after a while which can be very off-putting in cocktails. The same goes with aquafaba, it gives off a smell that does not necessarily compliment cocktails the way fresh egg white will do. On that note after some research and experimentation I stumbled upon Metilgel from SOSA, which... Read more →

Misc Tips from Luuk Gerritsen of Curacao

Luuk Gerritsen lives on Curacao and is the general manager of Kome. Some of the ideas below were developed at previous venues where Gerritsen worked, and he would also like to acknowledge Bar Manager Wesley Quinlan as partner in many of these recipes and procedures. Citrus Gerritsen says, "All our fresh juice will be frozen at the end of the night and agar-clarified the day after. [Agar clarification turns the juice clear and helps it last much longer.] We clarify and acidify citrus for bottled drinks. Also, blending it with a little zest can bring back the aroma." They freeze... Read more →

Batching Egg Whites: Process and Quantity

Many bars batch together egg whites, either for convenience (saves time versus cracking open an egg each drink at service time), or to conserve resources. With egg whites batched together, bartenders can pour just the portion that they need for a drink rather than using a whole egg white each time. We asked some bartenders how they batch egg whites at their bars and how much egg white they use per drink. Justin Lavenue, Owner / Operator of The Roosevelt Room & The Eleanor in Austin, Texas, shared his batch formula for egg whites. He says, "For our bottled Egg... Read more →