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Ginger Pulp Tisane and Leftover Wine and Brine to Make Mustard

The following info comes from Chris 'Zeke' Hand. Mustard Using Leftover Brine, Vinegar, Wine, and Vermouth For brine and the dregs of wine and vermouth, I make mustard. Really, really good mustard. In short sauerkraut brine, pickle brine, all sorts of different vinegars, wines, vermouths and different verjus so as to make it "complex." I really need to work on my mortar and pestle skills so it isn't always "grainy" or get myself a better spice grinder. For vinegar, I just leave the bottle of wine losely open for about six months and then start adding it to vinaigrettes and... Read more →

Many Tips from Nicholas Box of Acorn in Vancouver

The following missive comes from Nicholas Box of The Acorn restaurant in Vancouver. This post has tons of information in it, so if you followed a link here you might have to scroll a bit to find the particular section where it's mentioned. "I run the bar at The Acorn restaurant in Vancouver - that is up until the great closure of many many businesses. We are a 44-seat vegetarian restaurant focused on local ingredients. Now citrus isn't very local, but at least we can still order in organic. I'm a believer in getting organic when possible, especially if the... Read more →