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Sustainability in Booze News, May 2021

Here are some stories on sustainability in the booze world you might want to read: Why Packaging Is Wine’s New Sustainability Frontier, How producers are choosing locally-made glass, lighter bottles and aluminum cans, and less-wasteful packaging. Bartenders Guide to Foraging Nettles, And how to make nettle cordial. Why Spirits and Wine Producers Are Turning to Regenerative Farming, "A new laser-focus on the rhizosphere—the soil and its microorganisms—by farmers and winemakers is analogous to the surge of interest in the human microbiome among nutrition and health advocates, with the producers linking soil health to the overall wellbeing of... Read more →

Some Tips from Meryll Cawn of Hi-Lo Club and AllStirredUp

Meryll Cawn, a bartender at Hi-Lo Club in San Francisco and partner in AllStirredUp Beverage Consulting, sent over some responses to queries. Thrift Store Cocktail Glasses We only use thrift store finds for our cocktail glasses. Not only are we saving money, but we giving the glasses a new, albeit short, life. Customers love all the different and unique glasses. The biggest problem is making sure you have the right proportion of properly sized glasses for your menu cocktails and frequently ordered classics. You do need to keep a bit of back stock as well. When you are thrifting for... Read more →