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Sodium MetabisulfiteĀ and Ascorbic Acid to Prevent Browning and Oxidation

I recently attended an online talk by Luis Hernandez of Cocktail Illustrators. Hernandez is one of the leading bar experts in using various alternative acids to replace citrus in cocktails. Here's an older story on some ways that he does this. One new tip I picked up in the talk (I'd link to it if I could remember where it was) is another way to prevent browning in cocktail ingredients. When ingredients that turn brown after cutting, such as avocados, apples, celery, avocados, and other cut fruit, they can either be preserved to prevent discoloration and oxidation, or discarded. When... Read more →

Cranberry Shrub and Using the Leftovers to Make Cranberry Jam

These recipes come from Tamir Ben-Shalmon of Bull Valley Roadhouse in Port Costa, CA. The jam is flexible and a great way to save what you would think is waste. There was so much left over. The cranberry jam we make is a bit savory, and other hearty and earthy herbs work well. Rosemary is a great example. First year I did both and I think I added orange zest this year. The cranberry jam is also supposed to be a bit savory for Bull Valley so that we can control the sweetness for the cocktails. Cranberry Shrub: 450g fresh... Read more →