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Coffee Liqueur Recipe from Used Coffee Grounds from Breanne Rupp

Breanne Rupp of Boat Drinks Bar in St. Augustine, Florida sent along a recipe for a "foolproof leftover coffee grind liqueur". I put it in parts because it scales really easily this way but if parts are converted to cups (for at home making, not weighing out ingredients like at a bar) it yields a bit over 1L. Foolproof Leftover Coffee Grind Liqueur Ingredients: 1 part leftover coffee grinds 4 parts sugar (basic granulated white sugar is easiest/cheapest to work with but you can experiment with other types or just use what you have) 2 parts liquor (80 proof is... Read more →

Sustainably Stories in the News

Here's a round-up of some recent cocktails/wine sustainability stories in the news. For Wine Enthusiast, Lauren Mowery wrote, "Low-Waste Bars and Restaurants Are Building a New Paradigm." Some interesting quotes from the story: During the planning phase, Marcus consulted with FoodPrint, experts in waste hauling, to find a vendor who recycles and composts properly. Rich and Chambers asked a vendor to switch from plastic tape to paper, a change the vendor made for all its accounts. Others who wouldn’t conform to Rhodora’s packaging guidelines were dropped. A baker that delivered in plastic was replaced by one that biked bread to... Read more →

Some Quick Tips and Good Ideas from the First Batch of Blog Posts

To coincide with the "soft opening" of I pulled together some of my favorite tips learned in the first phase of building this website. There are dozens more where these came from! 1. You can infuse spent citrus shells (after squeezing) into alcohol to get a good base start on flavored spirits and syrups such as falernum, citrus vodka, and spiced rum, as they'll do at Good Company in Boston. read more 2. Instead of "burning the ice" from the well at the end of the evening, bars including San Francisco's Trick Dog put it in a stock pot... Read more →

Many Citrus Reuse and Alternatives from Boston’s Seth Freidus

Boston’s Seth Freidus formerly headed up the bar programs at Alden & Harlow and Waypoint. Later in 2020, he’s planning on opening his own bar in Boston called Good Company. The below is edited from emails from Freidus. Working With the Kitchen When we write menus, for kitchen/ food and bar/cocktails, kitchen managers, bar managers and myself sit down and collaborate for cohesive menus that cross-utilize as many ingredients as possible without having stale, boring, redundant menus. We write menus based on the season, and what will be readily available for high quality produce. From there we collaborate on using... Read more →

Falernum and Orgeat Recipe from Queens Park Birmingham

Falernum is a traditional syrup or liqueur from Barbados flavored with lime, almond, ginger, and clove. It is used in cocktails including the Corn 'n' Oil, Three Dots and a Dash, Chartreuse Swizzle, and more. It's also a recipe that uses lime zest that can be made from limes before juicing them. At Queen's Park, they use their homemade orgeat in their homemade Falernum. Background Info and Cocktail Recipes that Use Falernum Tiki’s Essential Secret Ingredient: DIY Falernum [PUNCH] Our Favorite Falernum Cocktails [Imbibe] Falernum Moves Beyond the Tiki Realm [PUNCH] Falernum Recipe From Laura Newman of Queens Park in... Read more →