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Sustainability in Booze News, August 2021

Here are some recent stories shared to the CocktailGreen Facebook Page, and now grouped together here: The Science Behind Vegan Meringues This story includes some science and testing of aquafaba in place of egg whites. It's specifically using canned aquafaba and looking at merengues rather than cocktails, but there is some good information about adding acids vs alkaline ingredients to attempt to stabilize the foam. He also makes some flavoring suggestions to make the foam less beany-tasting. One of those ingredients is rosewater, which reminds me of some bartenders who would scent eggs with essential oils. I wonder how a... Read more →

Animal Products Versus Transportation Costs of Plant Ingredients

In the cocktail bar setting it would not be normal to choose between beef or peas for a cocktail ingredient, but still there are some facts to learn from this story on called "How to reduce your food’s carbon footprint, in 2 charts." Visit the link to see (and blow up) a chart that compares for many foods the land use, transport, packaging, and other factors of foods' carbon impact. It's very interesting. The story's subtitle declares that transportation costs of shipping foods to consumers is not a significant factor compared to whether those foods are animal-based (a lot... Read more →