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Rooftop Gardening, Beekeeping, Composting for the Bar at Charlie Parker's in Sydney

Charlie Parker's is a cocktail bar downstairs from restaurant Fred's in Sydney, Australia. Above both of them is a rooftop garden where they have a 20,000-resident beehive, lots of edible produce, and composting. Our compost bins take care of 90% of all bar waste and our top to tail plastic free approach has seen major success from exclusively using grain straws (or no straws), to all drink prep being stored in food safe mason jars that double as epic sous vide vessels. Our garnishes are made out of the by products from our preps and, our citrus soda is the... Read more →

Recipes that Use Verjus to Replace Citrus

Verjus is the juice of unripened grapes. It is often used in salad dressings but bartenders are also using it in place of citrus juice in cocktails as it has a good level of acidity. The below recipes use verjus as a citrus replacement. ROSENBLOOM * Based on a Julep, which derives its name from the Persian word Golâb, meaning “Rose Water.” From Justin Lavenue, Owner / Operator of The Roosevelt Room & The Eleanor (Austin, TX) Muddle: 10-12 Mint leaves .5 oz Verjus blanc 1.25 oz Zubrowka Vodka .25 Ketel Vodka .5 oz Clarified Strawberry juice .25 oz Clarified... Read more →